Courses for professionals

I offer tailor-made German lessons for your employees, specialists and managers, because nothing is as important as a common language at work, with your customers and business partners.


One on one courses

In the one on one, you determine your learning progress immediately and directly. It is the best form to learn German fast and intensively.




Group courses

A small group is ideal for you if you like to learn with other people. The dynamic of and interaction with the other participants motivates you and invigorates teaching.

Courses for private customers

German is a foreign language for you or your family which you would like to command better in order to improve professionally, or to make new friends or just getting to know the country and its people better.


One on one courses

If you would like to determine your learning progress immediately and directly, then private lessons is ideal for you. I am flexible and sensitive to your individual wishes, needs, and learning style.



Partner and group courses

If learning German in a small and selective group specially motivates you, then a partner course or a small manageable group (2 - 5 participants) is ideal for you. For instance, I focus on your specific situation and take into account your wishes.